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Having an efficiently working air conditioner requires a lot of effort. An air conditioner cannot for instance be compared to a TV antenna whose major challenge is how to install. Often after the TV antenna installation is done the issue with the antenna is also completed. However, when it comes to the air conditioner, the installation is often only but the start to the process. A person needs to take great care and attention to ensure that the equipment does indeed provide the much needed service.

Just because the air conditioner has got a warranty, it does not mean that a person should not take proactive measures to safeguard it. In fact if one is not carefully a company might refuse to honor the terms of the warranty simply because a person was careless with the equipment. Whether a warranty exists or not it pays for a person to know how to take care of the air conditioner.

For starter a person should ensure that the air filter is working well and that it is in good condition. This would mean carrying out regular air conditioning services. When doing the service, a person should look at the air filter and ensure that it is replaced at least after every three months. In case the air conditioner is in a location which is windy or dusty a person should make the effort of changing the air filter even more often.

It is important to know the right type of filter to buy and also how to install the filter once bought. A number of people make the mistake of going for the cheap air filters as a result they end up not being too efficient. It is better to spend a little more on the air filters and get a prolonged service from the air conditioning equipment.

Another thing that a person needs to know about air conditioner maintenance is how to check if the equipment is cooling efficiently. This sounds like a complex thing to carry out, however it is not. A person can easily do this by comparing the temperature of the air that is blowing out of the vent and that of the air that goes into the return air vent. If the air conditioner is working smoothly then the variance should be of about fifteen to eighteen degrees farenheight.

However if the variance is more than this most likely that the air filter is clogged. If on the other case the variance is below that range there might be an issue with the AC. A person should therefore clean or replace the air filter and have the AC checked. It would also be a prudent thing to set the thermostat at a normal temperature.

A major cause for problems with the air conditioner is when dust or debris gets into the ducts. The dust could get in as a result of being exposed to windy or dusty environments. If a person is staying net to a construction site, or if they are renovating and knocking down the walls they should temporarily cover the ducts to prevent dust from going into them.

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