Finding out that you have an unwanted furry friend living in your home can be shocking and downright annoying. Possums can cause an array of issues, from noise, invasion into your home, and destruction, which can lead to other pests entering your home. They can also cause extremely bad smells if they urinate or die in your ceiling or floors, and often they move ceiling insulation around to build their nests. This can create fire hazards and be very dangerous for your home.

Trees can often attract possums to your home if you have many surrounding your house. Of course, there’s no need to go to extremes such as cutting your trees down. Removing the possum or possums is the best solution for everyone. Before attempting anything, you must remember that possums are an endangered species, and only a certified professional can perform possum removal.

They must hold a permit to be “in possession” of a possum (as it is a native animal) and if you attempt to set traps for a possum and you’re caught, you could be fined. This also means that you cannot kill a possum, either. They will eat rat bait, so make sure you proof your ceiling space before laying rat bait. There’s absolutely nothing worse than a possum dying in your roof – the stench will be unbearable.

Furthermore, you must understand that in accordance with the above legislation that outlines the permit, the permit holder must also release the possum into a nearby area. It has been proven that if a possum is relocated to an entirely new area, they will most likely die, as possums are extremely territorial. In addition, because they are in n unfamiliar area, they often cannot find adequate shelter or food.

There are many possum removalists available in most cities and towns. They operate under the proper terms and adhere to correct legislation. While you might be ready to kick the possum out with your bare feet, the possum removalist will be sure to handle the situation with care for both you and the possum, and ensure that the possum is safely removed from your home.

Bear in mind that removing a possum can take some time and can take a number of visits, especially if the possum (or another) re-enters your home. Even if you or the serviceman has sealed off the affected areas, you may not know how strong the repair is until a possum tries to get in again. If they do, then you know further action will need to be taken. Maybe try building a possum box in a tree in your backyard, or making sure no fruit is left outside or within reach. They will gladly wander through an open back door if food is left easily accessible! Especially if your area is notorious for possums.

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