The Best Insights Into Skiing In Japan

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Although Japan is very well known for its traditional beauties as well as the rich culture and the delicious cuisine, skiing is one of the major attractions as well. Japan has over 600 ski resorts across the country ranging from the most northern island of Hokkaido to the southern island of Kyushu.

If your travels to Japan take you to Tokyo much rather than the resorts but you would still like to enjoy the powdered snow slopes, keep in mind that most skiing resorts are within a daytrip from it. If the use of the car in foreign countries scares you, you should not worry as the public transportation system is so well developed that the shuffle trains and metros will move you from point A to point B at the fastest speeds known to man.

Even though many might think that skiing in Japan would get pricy, be advised that visiting a ski resort can actually guarantee you a smaller place than other countries like USA, Australia or Europe.

Advices on how to get the most out of your skiing trip

After buying your package to travel to Japan note that it is advisable to carry cash with you as not even in some of the most beautiful and travelled places like Akakura ski resort could you find ATM’s. Also note that usually not many locations accept card payments. Plan accordingly in order to get the experience just right without having to travel by mini busses in order to get to the nearest ATM.

As for the location, you can choose to go to Haikkaido with its most popular ski resort Niseko, or you can even choose to visit the Nagano region. This is a resort that attracts a lot of tourists from overseas. Niseko is the most travelled resort in Japan with the largest number of foreign tourists. The amazing powder snow will make your experience unforgettable combined with the amazing views from the Mountain Yotei.

If you do choose to go in a more quite place you might want to try to find Myoko accommodation. This area provides one of the most outstanding slopes in Asia. The snow walls in this region can build up to 3 meters at the peak of the season. However, if you are looking for nightlife, this might not be your scene as Myoko was built for skiing alone, but you can still enjoy the local cuisine in the restaurants as well as the few traditional bars. The beauty of this region also comes from the hot springs that can guarantee a nice relaxing bath after a day of heavy skiing.

Yet another beautiful location that is only 90 minutes away from Tokyo by train would be the Tohuku region that does not have a large number of visitors and you can enjoy a quiet time, doing what you love most, ski.

If you are worried about the crime rate in Japan, you should know that this is not a major issue, especially in the mountains. You will find very often hotel rooms left unlocked, snowboards without surveillance and so on, this is a specific to the Japanese culture.

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